October Staff Pick!

Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco

Celebrate Halloween with these witches and the bewitching Prince of Hell – Wrath. Can you solve who has been murdering witches on this small island? Emilia’s twin sister has just become the next victim. Emilia sets out to solve the murder and get revenge, but her sister isn’t who she thought she was. And Emilia might not be who she thought she was. Who can you trust? Certainly not one of the Seven Deadly Sins. But that’s all Emilia has got right now. 

I love that this story weaves dark fantasy with an enemies-to-lovers romance. You’ll be swept off your broomstick by the banter and heat between Wrath and Emilia, while Emilia’s Italian culture and family adds a glow to your jack-o-lantern. The labyrinth of mystery in this book will keep leading you deeper into the darkness, until you’re just as confused and scared as Emilia. Will you make it out alive? Or become the next victim?