January Staff Pick!

pic from simonandschuster.com

Budgeting 101 by Michelle Cagan

Budgets, the thing we are all trying to get a better grip on. This book helps you break your expenses and income down in a way that allows you actually stop spending more than is coming in. The helpful needs vs. wants list breaks down even your grocery list from what is actually a need to what is an extra expense of a want. Is buying that donut actually costing you that trip to Hawaii? This book shows you the opportunity cost of your purchases.

Maybe you’re like, “I have nothing left to cut in my budget.” Well, if you have something you don’t want to eliminate completely like car insurance or internet, perhaps you can downgrade for a cheaper price. Some fun tips like return items you don’t actually want or rent something if you’re only going to use it once are alternative ways to save money.

And for those who want to make more money, there’s a unique list of income ideas unlike anything you’ll find on the internet. Did you know, you can get paid to be a mock juror or for eating healthy?

The new year is coming, it’s time to finally conquer your budget and afford the life you’ve always wanted. Check this book out today and get started.