March Staff Pick!

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Matrix by Lauren Groff

Matrix is an astonishing, poetic Literary Fiction pick about an outcast young woman’s journey to transform an impoverished 12th-century English abbey into a thriving sanctuary against all odds. Over the course of only 260 pages, the novel follows Marie from the age of 17 onward, chronicling her visions, passions, losses, and incredible achievements.

Groff has such a deeply singular, poetic voice that nearly every sentence felt to me like I was experiencing one of Marie’s own earth-shattering fits of divine inspiration. I never expected a novel about 12th-century nuns to be so gripping, but I was so awed by this book that I’ll be keeping an eye out for Groff’s other work from now on. It’s a perfect pick for lovers of literary or historical fiction, complex female characters, and those who appreciate novels with a unique, lyrical touch.